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> Solving the viewing puzzle: assessing reach of svod content on the big screen

ASI Television Symposium, November 2016

Authors:  Nathalie Sonck (SKO) & Liesbeth Nekkers (GfK)


> Egta guidlines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement
Description: In this document Egta identifies the elements that are fundamental to an optimal and relevant audience measurement system. Egta recommends a consumer-centred approach and measurement accross all media.
Source: Egta, May 2014


> SKO Videodata Integration Model - Let's learn how to dance on this new dancefloor

> Mp3 of the presentation

Description: Presentation on the Videodata Integration Model presented by Bas de Vos.

Source: ASI Television Symposium, November 2013


> Video across platforms

Description: Presentation by Bas de Vos during the ASI 2012 Television Symposium in Prague. This presentation won the Tony Twyman award.

Source: ASI Television Symposium, November 2012


> Will it Blend? Watching WEB-TV
Congress paper ARF AM 5.0, 2010
Description: The number of TV programmes viewed online is growing; yet who the viewers were, was a mystery, until recently. Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) and JIC STIR, the organization that measures the Internet reach in the Nederlands, joined forces to expose the WEB-TV viewer.
Authors: Bas de Vos (SKO) & Frans Kok (STIR)


> Catching up with WEB-TV
Congress paper WM3, 2010
Description: Since 2005, digital TV penetration has been growing. The growing penetration of digital TV has brought along an increasing number of channels and catch-up/on-demand services. In this paper the authors describe the measurement and the most interesting trends in the use of time shifted TV viewing through a TV set and through the web. The complete article is available on
Authors: Bas de Vos (SKO), Janet Slabbekoorn (Intomart GfK), Mariana Irazoqui (SKO), Frans Kok (STIR), Liesbeth Nekkers (Intomart GfK)


> Social TV and the Clockwork Orange
Congress paper WM 3, 2010
Description: Co-viewing, guest viewing and out of home viewing in the Netherlands.
The complete article is available on
Authors: Bas de Vos (SKO), Mariana Irazoqui (SKO), Liesbeth Nekkers (Intomart GfK), Jeroen Verspeek (KLO)


> How Reliable is my audience? Coping with audience fragmentation
Congress paper WM 3, 2009
Description: With a fast growing digital television reception, the Netherlands face an increase in the supply of digital channels to be included in the audience measurement. SKO decided to start measuring 43 digital, thematic channels in a pilot project in August 2008.
The complete article is available on
Authors: Bas de Vos (SKO), Mariana Irazoqui (SKO), Jeroen Nikkel (Intomart GfK), Adriaan Hoogendoorn (Estics Media)


> Streaming TV: Making the connection
Congress paper WM 3, 2008
Description: In the Netherlands, the viewing of television content via on-demand streaming is rapidly growing. By the end of 2006, the TV industry expressed the need for comprehensive, transparant and independent reporting of the new online television audience to Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO). SKO has taken the first steps in the measurement of online television audiences.
The complete article is available on
Authors: Bas de Vos (SKO), Mariana Irazoqui (SKO), Enrico Verhulst (Nedstat), Gerwin Bok (Intomart GfK)


> Is a rating still a rating? How changing behaviour alters definitions in the digital age
Congress paper WM 3, 2007
Description: Introducing time shifted viewing in the daily reporting of SKO has caused a major shift in thinking about viewing data, which until now, have been linear and exclusive for any point in time. Adding time shift requires decisions to be made concerning the channel identification, the calculation and reporting rules. This process is currently under way; it will lead to new reporting conventions as of January 1, 2008.
The complete article is available on
Authors: Bas de Vos (SKO) & Marion Appel (Intomart GfK)

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