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> Solving the viewing puzzle: assessing reach of svod content on the big screen

ASI Television Symposium, November 2016

Authors:  Nathalie Sonck (SKO) & Liesbeth Nekkers (GfK)


> Egta guidlines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement
Description: In this document Egta identifies the elements that are fundamental to an optimal and relevant audience measurement system. Egta recommends a consumer-centred approach and measurement accross all media.
Source: Egta, May 2014


> SKO Videodata Integration Model - Let's learn how to dance on this new dancefloor

> Mp3 of the presentation

Description: Presentation on the Videodata Integration Model presented by Bas de Vos.

Source: ASI Television Symposium, November 2013


> Video across platforms

Description: Presentation by Bas de Vos during the ASI 2012 Television Symposium in Prague. This presentation won the Tony Twyman award.

Source: ASI Television Symposium, November 2012

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