Average number of viewers
Aantal kijkers Average number of viewers
Analoog Analogue
Brk% Reach %
Bereik % Reach %
Buitenshuis kijken  Out of home viewing
Dag Day
Dagrapporten     Daily reports
Digitaal Digital 
Digitenne Digital terrestrial
Doelgroep Target group; SKO has defined 56 standard targets for which population are made available.
Gastkijken             Guest viewing
Jaar  Year 
Kijkonderzoek  Television audience measurement 
Kabel  Cable 
Kdh %  Average ratings % 
Kijkdichtheid %  Average ratings % 
Kijktijd  Average time viewed / average time seen 
KijkTotaal Viewing total (common currency). Consolidated viewing figures, including the viewing on the day of broadcast and the time shifted viewing on the following six days. This is applicable to reports from 31th December 2007.
Maand  Month
Madl  Share of viewing / audience share
Marktaandeel  Share of viewing / audience share
nStreams Number of stream starts. SKO Web TV measures the number of stream starts on the day of broadcast and the 6 following days.
Ontvangst  Reception 
Profiel % Viewers profile
Populatie Population / universe
Samen Kijken Household co-viewing
Schotel Satellite
Top 25 Top 25. Programmes of less than 10 minutes duration are excluded from these reports.
Uitzenddag Overnight figures. Provisional viewing figures, including live viewing and the time shifted viewing on the broadcast day (VOSDAL).
Uitgesteld kijken    Time shifted viewing / TSV
UGK Time shifted viewing / TSV
Zender Channel/ TV Station