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In 2013, SKO revealed its new strategy. This strategy is a result of audiences' changing viewing behaviour, caused by the increasing penetration of online devices. An increasing number of people in Holland own a laptop, tablet or smartphone and use these devices to view audiovisual content. Such content not only consists of TV programmes or clips of TV programmes, but also of non-TV video streams. In the face of these developments, SKO decided to expand its activities to include all kinds of video content on all kinds of devices. Measuring viewing behaviour with regards to online content and online commercial enables SKO to broaden the scope of its ratings research and to draw conclusions from the data with regards to the audience's total viewing behaviour, offline and online.


> Brochure SKO Video Data Integration Model


Back in October 2012, the SKO Board asked its Technical Committee to draw up a plan for the reliable measuring and reporting of (online) video use. In 2013, this initiative resulted in an effort to develop a platform independent video measuring scheme. This scheme should allow us to measure all video content (including live broadcasts and delayed viewing content) on every possible device, such as TV screens, laptops, PC's, tablets, smart phones, game consoles and Connected TV's. In other words: every kind of video content one can think of will be incorporated in the SKO researchers' measuring efforts.


SKO includes both programme content and video advertising. As a result, the ratings have end to end relevance for the TV and online video chain: for programme and content producers, media bureaus, advertisers and operators.



SKO researchers are aware of every possible kind of video content that has an audience.



One thing is clear: there is no such thing as one simple total solution. Viewing behaviour across the different kinds of TV and video is too diverse, requiring us to integrate different kinds of data sources. That's why SKO has developed the SKO Video Data Integration Model (SKO-VIM). Figure 5.1 offers a schematic representation of the SKO-VIM video measuring strategy. The model consists of a number of core elements that are described below.


Figure 1. SKO Video Data Integration Model (SKO-VIM)

SKO schema VIM Resdata Dik Engels zTitel


  • Census data: We need to measure the number of times video content is accessed by the end consumer and the total amount of minutes viewed. This needs to be done as closely as possible to the viewing location, i.e. from within the content players used by the audience. SKO identifies three different video census projects:
  1. linear streaming (e.g. live streams of operators, such as ZIGGO, KPN et cetera)
  2. online TV&Video project
  3. online commercials.


In each of these projects, SKO wants to register actual viewing behaviour as close to the user as possible.


  • Online panel measurement: Census data does not offer information on user profiles and unique reach . That's why it is necessary to measure the viewing behaviour of actual persons. This involves the measuring of video behaviour through a high quality online panel, including each of the three video components: linear streaming, online TV&Video and online commercials.
  • TAM: This is the existing Television Audience Measurement. Of course, TAM will retain a central role in our model. The online viewing data are integrated with the TAM-based TV data.
  • Data integration 1 - calibration: in order to create reliable online video ratings,  the online panel and census data are combined. This calibration is the first step towards data integration.
  • Data integration 2 - fusion: Next, the offline viewing data (television) and online viewing data are fused, in order to create combined TV and Online ratings. This fusion is the second step towards data integration.
  • Output: The output consists of: TV ratings, Online video ratings and combined TV and Online video ratings.


> Summary SKO Data Integration - Calibration

> Summary SKO Data Integration - Fusion



The  SKO Video Data Integration Model is translated into a Ratings Factory model. Click on each of the parts of the Factory below to start a video.



Online video measuring for every supplier of online video
SKO strongly believes in a reliable and independent market standard that offers an objective, representative overview of the online video market. Such a standard is only possible through close collaboration with other online video parties that are not affiliated with SKO. SKO is currently discussing the possibilities with other parties and is actively approaching online parties to work together in online video projects.


SKO's goals are ambitious and challenging, but necessary in a media landscape in which change is a constant factor. In the period ahead of us, SKO will closely collaborate with current JIC partners and new parties to expand the scope of the measurement. On the SKO website, you can keep track of our progress in the different projects. The complete strategy document can be found here: > SKO New Strategy  2013 - 2017